Quid Pro Quo

One of the things that makes reading this blog full of hot air and profanity worth your bookmark (I think) is that I’ve done time on both sides of the fence. After my last post, where I complained about what a reporter owes the reader, it occurred to me that any reader could have written such a screed. So, today’s will be something any CM could write. What does a reporter owe a studio after drinking the free booze and hauling away t-shirts in the free tote bag?

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Reviews: What Level Am I?

I just updated my Twitter feed with a snarky comment about MMO reviews. Then I realized I had more to say than the Twitter window allows.

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Why I Occasionally Regret That My Niche Has Become Mainstream:

Ten years ago, no one would have reported this: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,410781,00.html

It HAPPENED, but it wouldn’t have been on Fox News. Okay, maybe Fox.

And how horrible am I for thinking that instead of dumping her, the guy should have been grateful she was in fact a she?

Hat tip to good ol’ Swanny for sending me the link.

Bonus hat tip to Scott for sending me this: http://news.cnet.com/8301-10784_3-10025123-7.html

It just gets better! The dog was making too much noise!


It seems like the Age of Conan community is more… agitated… than Hellgate: London’s community.

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I feel like I’m on a particularly bizarre bandwagon. There’s a lot of drinking and black humor, so it’s a FUN bandwagon, but still.

As you already know if you’ve been reading, oh, any gaming news site in the WORLD, Austin got a little wild-eyed and scary recently. A lot of good people are looking for work right now.

So am I!

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Answers To Problems Web 2.0 Created

The Jellybeans Community Project

There’s an old joke that goes “For every time you have sex before you get married, put a jellybean in a jar. For every time you have sex after the wedding, take out a jellybean.” The punch line is that the jar will never be empty. That joke is so old that originally, you were supposed to put the jellybeans in the jar during your first year of marriage. But (as usual) I digress.

You could make the same “joke” with developers and how much they post before and after launch.

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Sorry for all the links instead of posts, but my hands are a bit tied at the moment. Will post for real soon.

Way To Confuse The Issue

Ben Silverman makes me sigh, but this link makes me laugh.

“Fat Princess” kind of amuses me. Yes, it’s another dose of the same old, same old. Yes, it’s sexist and vaguely stupid. No, you’d never see a game where you feed chocolate to a male character and make him slower in combat. But if you DID, it would be funny. And that’s really my point. It’s just funny.

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Huh. Guess It’s Like Second Life After All

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