The REAL Next Generation Technology

Think it, and it will move.

Thanks to Dana Massey at Warcry for the link.

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You’re Kidding Me.

This is amusing as hell.

By the way, I’m working on an article about gaming journalism. If you’ve ever worked for a print rag and you have some time to kill today, email me, will you?

Edited, 6/27: Thanks for all the responses, y’all. Turns out there are ELEVEN of you, and you all have a lot of experience in the industry πŸ™‚

Funniest Headline Ever

I’ve got a whole backlog of stuff I’m working on; hence the link madness.

Maybe it wasn’t the funniest EVER, but it was funny: Good Versus Wiivil.

I Don’t Have Any Comments.

Things We Never Want To Hear Again

The following is a short list of things I would like to see banned from the interweb.

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Simple Plan To Meet Most Customer Service Needs

I am going to break my own rule about providing specific advice here on this blog. I made that rule because there is no point in anyone giving me money, which I can exchange for goods and services otherwise unavailable in a strict barter economy, if I’m just sitting here blathering away. But I started this site to provide obvious truth to the seven people who find me amusing, and by god, this is as obvious as it gets:

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Ah, NerdCon. (Comicon, Gencon, TrekCon, etc – you know what I mean, any gathering where the original Boomer from Battlestar Galactica shows up to sign autographs.) I love NerdCons. I have loved gatherings of what I call My People since I went to my very first TrekCon and bought a communicator pin that made the chittercheep noise. The featured speaker at that event was some lady whose claim to fame was having been an extra in ST: Original Recipe, TNG, and DS90120. It was AWESOME.

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Incompetence, Part II (or, Slightly Less Cranky)

Has everyone read the Peter Principle? It’s one of those books that explains a lot. I heartily recommend getting it, a couple of friends, and a fifth of rum in the same room. Take turns reading it out loud. Take a sip when you recognize someone you know, and do a shot when you recognize yourself.

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I’m Cranky. Must Be Low Self-Esteem.

Self-esteem is crippling our nation.

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