Five Things You Can Do To Fuck Up Your Community

I wound up on four panels at AGC. One of them was an accident. On the website, I was on two, and in the program, I was on… a different two. Oh, well. We don’t go to AGC for the rational planning. Hell, community is lumped in with marketing according to the people who nominally run this drunken orgy. (Incidentally, the way marketing and community fight for the same resources – resources they MUST use towards different ends in order to succeed – is how I got the word “cock” into the microphone. I referred to this scenario as a “total cock-up.” And no one would have realized it was part of a bet if the entire panel hadn’t started laughing. Well, that, and if Certain People hadn’t been holding up signs that said things like “SAY COCK! YAY FOR COCK! YOU ROCK AND THAT RHYMES WITH…”) But I digress. The following is taken from my notes for one of the panels (Community 101).

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*knocks dust off*

Man. I’ve been either on the road or typing for a month now. Three random thoughts before I get back to posting:

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