Social Networking: The New Outside The Box Paradigm Breaking Buzzword. Over A Shark.

Well, at least community people who tire of the gaming industry will never lack for employment. When COOKIE MAKERS talk about how creating community is part of their brand strategy, you know the drones have taken over the specialty.

I don’t mean to sound cranky. Well, I sort of do, it’s 7:30 AM, I’m a night owl who has been waking up at 6 every morning to feed my poor commuting mate a little breakfast, because left to his own devices he would just snarf a fistful of honey roasted peanuts and a Diet Pepsi standing over the sink and then die on me of malnutrition before I was finished with him, and oh, I’ve been househunting, houseshowing, and vacuuming up beagle fur tumbleweeds for what feels like YEARS and I pretty much hate all of humanity, especially the ones that walk in after I frantically clean and race outside with the dogs even though I was RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A SPREADSHEET and sigh about how it’s lovely, really, but they REALLY wanted a basement. The one that does not exist, as clearly stated in the listing. But that’s not the point.

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Hrm. I May Have Been Wrong About Our Wee Industry.

Others have said more eloquent things on the topic of Jade. There have been some that have been more philosophical. And some people know their demographic very well, and used plenty of pictures to keep things simple. So I have very little to add, really. Other than to say that I may have been somewhat off base, trying to judge gaming and the condition of women therein based on my little tenement in the ghetto. Maybe it really is different in the console end of things. I like to admit it when I’m wrong, and this little drama does illustrate a dark corner I’d never walked past.

Of course, I have a few points:

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I Don’t Hate Marketing

“Oh, you’re the one who hates marketing.”

Clearly, I have failed to communicate. I don’t hate marketing. I hate poorly thought out, knee jerk, disco-era marketing perpetuated by people who don’t understand massively multiplayer games. Or the internet. Oh, and I hate hype-based marketing done without consulting anyone actually implementing the features. I suppose it’s fair to say I hate marketing that is actually porn. Hrm, now that I think about it, I hate it when people confuse “booth whore” with “marketing.” Okay, and I admit, it does seem like some people get into marketing out of a persistent inability to do anything else.

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I really hate the term “in real life.” It’s commonly used to denote an activity or a relationship that occurs offline. But the term marginalizes we who enjoy online pursuits, as much as “girl gamer” makes an ordinary person with flaws and strengths into a circus freak. If a real person is doing it, then whatever he’s doing is happening in real life.

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Pondering Stuffed Alligators

So… let’s say you’re an executive of a company that makes stuffed animals. A really big company that makes ten different kinds of stuffed animals. Now let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that you have no more idea of how to make a stuffed animal than does my flatulent and aged beagle. However, you have piles of money, and the people who can make stuffed animals aren’t so good at the “piles of money” part, once they’ve gotten their own personal pile. So you buy people who make stuffed animals, and between your money and their toys, you’re both reasonably happy.

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