Riding the Lollercoaster

When you say that the ideal candidate has nine years of experience and will be responsible for your online message, your product’s online look and feel, your communication with customers, your first contact with disgruntled customers, a team of not less than two other people and possibly a dozen, contributing to your marketing strategy, managing live events, and building global partnerships…

…you cannot seriously think you’ll only pay that person fifty fucking grand a year.


Words Fail.

[12:02] (name redacted): http://www.moorgard.com/?p=186
[12:02] (name redacted): !
[12:04] Sanya: /peer
[12:05] Sanya: *I* am not going to say anything about MMO players being too sophisticated for peer pressure, given that MMO players also think the slutty elf armor in WOW is hot.
[12:05] Sanya: But still. Words fail.
[12:05] (name redacted): yeah
[12:05] Sanya: I should make this into a blog entry.

Holy Crap! Want!

I… I want a pair. No, really.

(We got a buyer for our house, we’ve made an offer on another, it’s nine degrees outside, and I have sundry other bits of personal drama going on – pardon the unnatural quiet around here.)


Q: Why do you hate my class?

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Obvious Truth: Why People Quit

This list does not replace sensible exit polling, quit surveys, thoughtful CSRs, or community people. This isn’t just about games. This could apply to any product or service, to the point that I remember seeing similar principles in b-school textbooks. Also, if anything on this list is a shock or a surprise to anyone who has been in the workforce more than a year, kittens will be killed, drowned by the tears of the baby Jesus. I am blogging this only because I have managed to be trapped in a conversation on this topic TWICE since the year began. Twice, people. That’s embarrassing for everyone involved.

People quit games, products, services and relationships because:

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Well, It’s Nice To Know…

…that ANYTHING involving massive, multiplayer experiences ends up with a press release saying “whoa, didn’t see THAT coming.” My only complaint is this: How far up your ass does your head have to be before you don’t see holiday surges/first day releases coming down the tracks?

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