Eight Tips To Save Your Marriage To A Gamer

Hell, I could do better typing one handed than this stupidity. Hey, that’s an idea for a blog post! (Please note – I think… okay, I hope… the writer was trying to be funny. The intro to the piece gave the impression that he was trying to offer serious advice, and certainly that’s the way it was taken by a few people who should have known better.)

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Gamers For A Cure

We interrupt this bout of packing my household goods (consisting mainly of old mice/keyboards/mystery cables, science fiction novels, and RPG stuff – god, the only way you can tell I’m an adult is from the way I didn’t go dumpster diving for the packing boxes this time) to bring you my pet cause:  http://www.gamersforacure.org/.

MS sucks. Kwip and Becky are great. I’m going to be auctioning stuff and with any luck joining their walking team. Please join the cause if you can, and spread the link if you’re so inclined.