My Top… However Many

I was included in a Top Twenty list of MMO people. I was tremendously flattered. I haven’t sent Brucie any money in months, and he still included me.

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Nerds. Shut ins. Man children.

Thanks for the link, Walt!

Come Home

I’m not the type to waste time with regrets, especially when my only regret is that I didn’t do more to regret. Robert Heinlein says in many of his later novels that “when the ship lifts, all bills are paid.” My particular ship lifted off from EA Mythic over a year ago, and I have but one regret. And it hits me hard this time of year.

In the chaos of departure, I left behind my Armed Forces file.

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Seriously, I Don’t Get It

The Washington DC area is weird. I’m sure that normal children riding a school bus have arguments about the superiority of this cartoon figure over that, this advertised snack product of empty calories and grease over that, and so on. In the quiet hamlet where I came of age, children on the bus would scream “Yeah? Well, Republicans RULE!!” “Nu-UH, Democrats are the best!”

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Everyone Will Be Part of a Social Network OR DIE

Google gets in the act. GoogleSpaceBook!

Wonder what this will do, if anything, to the walled gardens.

FWIW, my vote is “not much.” Look at internet dating – you have eHarmony and Match, and you also have Jdate and Atlasphere. (The latter is a site, with a dating service for people trying to live their lives by Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Wow, a dating service for those who say they’re into open marriages, but later turn out to be less enthusiastic when they get moved to the back burner for a younger sex toy?) Look at internet news. You have the CNN, the BBC, and yet people read Matt Drudge on purpose. Just saying, sometimes people want to specialize.