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Way To Confuse The Issue

Ben Silverman makes me sigh, but this link makes me laugh.

“Fat Princess” kind of amuses me. Yes, it’s another dose of the same old, same old. Yes, it’s sexist and vaguely stupid. No, you’d never see a game where you feed chocolate to a male character and make him slower in combat. But if you DID, it would be funny. And that’s really my point. It’s just funny.

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Huh. Guess It’s Like Second Life After All

So Far, The Experiment Hasn’t Killed Me

Awhile back, I posted some comments about anonymous behavior on the internet.

I know, I know, but low hanging fruit is so TASTY.

Anyway, while I was writing that, it occurred to me that I was not entirely practicing what I preached. I have always stated that professional community people need to use their real names in connection with their products. It keeps them honest, and in so doing, increases the community’s trust in their honesty. No community weenie worth their salt would ever create a sock puppet for any purpose.

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Not Surprising.

They hired game designers to improve the weapons platform.

Wonder when the Army will realize they need community managers?