Quid Pro Quo

One of the things that makes reading this blog full of hot air and profanity worth your bookmark (I think) is that I’ve done time on both sides of the fence. After my last post, where I complained about what a reporter owes the reader, it occurred to me that any reader could have written such a screed. So, today’s will be something any CM could write. What does a reporter owe a studio after drinking the free booze and hauling away t-shirts in the free tote bag?

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It seems like the Age of Conan community is more… agitated… than Hellgate: London’s community.

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The Jellybeans Community Project

There’s an old joke that goes “For every time you have sex before you get married, put a jellybean in a jar. For every time you have sex after the wedding, take out a jellybean.” The punch line is that the jar will never be empty. That joke is so old that originally, you were supposed to put the jellybeans in the jar during your first year of marriage. But (as usual) I digress.

You could make the same “joke” with developers and how much they post before and after launch.

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Moderation In Most Things

What’s the difference between art and porn? Context.

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Plus ca change…

This link amused me, particularly “What are some other things I should know?” I feel like this should be made into a pamphlet, and it should be provided to those new to MMOs in some sort of welcome basket, along with asbestos underpants and chicken nuggets. It was last edited on April 15, 1997. This tidbit was at the bottom:

Final Word

   Playing a mud of any sort is NOT a right. The people who run the game
   and the people who owns/runs the system that you are playing from are
   not required to let you play. If you abuse your privledge [sic] of playing,
   there are good chances that it will be taken away.

Side note: Chicken nuggets are the ultimate one handed food.

Edited – ooooooooookay, the link’s not working, and it’s not working from the place I got it from (http://www.dikumud.com/links.aspx) either. I’m looking for another copy now.

Edited again – I love you, Wayback Machine! http://web.archive.org/web/20050828045301/http://www.faqs.org/faqs/games/mud-faq/diku/

Everyone Will Be Part of a Social Network OR DIE

Google gets in the act. GoogleSpaceBook!

Wonder what this will do, if anything, to the walled gardens.

FWIW, my vote is “not much.” Look at internet dating – you have eHarmony and Match, and you also have Jdate and Atlasphere. (The latter is a site, with a dating service for people trying to live their lives by Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Wow, a dating service for those who say they’re into open marriages, but later turn out to be less enthusiastic when they get moved to the back burner for a younger sex toy?) Look at internet news. You have the CNN, the BBC, and yet people read Matt Drudge on purpose. Just saying, sometimes people want to specialize.

Signs You Are Not Smart Enough To Moderate Boards

You delete anything that isn’t porn, advertising, or one member calling another member a “faggot retard.” If you are deleting things because someone posts that such and such a decision is “poorly thought out,” you are too sensitive and need to not be online. Ever. Read the rest of this entry »

Riding the Lollercoaster

When you say that the ideal candidate has nine years of experience and will be responsible for your online message, your product’s online look and feel, your communication with customers, your first contact with disgruntled customers, a team of not less than two other people and possibly a dozen, contributing to your marketing strategy, managing live events, and building global partnerships…

…you cannot seriously think you’ll only pay that person fifty fucking grand a year.

Obvious Truth: Why People Quit

This list does not replace sensible exit polling, quit surveys, thoughtful CSRs, or community people. This isn’t just about games. This could apply to any product or service, to the point that I remember seeing similar principles in b-school textbooks. Also, if anything on this list is a shock or a surprise to anyone who has been in the workforce more than a year, kittens will be killed, drowned by the tears of the baby Jesus. I am blogging this only because I have managed to be trapped in a conversation on this topic TWICE since the year began. Twice, people. That’s embarrassing for everyone involved.

People quit games, products, services and relationships because:

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My Dream Patch Day, And The Junk.

This exercise is taking place entirely inside my head, since I don’t know any software company that actually does it this way. Also, since this is MY dream, everything has been set up for the convenience and peace of mind of a community weenie. But I admit… I’m being a bit disingenuous when I say that. See the question at the very bottom of this post.

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