Moderation In Most Things

What’s the difference between art and porn? Context.

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Everyone Will Be Part of a Social Network OR DIE

Google gets in the act. GoogleSpaceBook!

Wonder what this will do, if anything, to the walled gardens.

FWIW, my vote is “not much.” Look at internet dating – you have eHarmony and Match, and you also have Jdate and Atlasphere. (The latter is a site, with a dating service for people trying to live their lives by Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Wow, a dating service for those who say they’re into open marriages, but later turn out to be less enthusiastic when they get moved to the back burner for a younger sex toy?) Look at internet news. You have the CNN, the BBC, and yet people read Matt Drudge on purpose. Just saying, sometimes people want to specialize.

Social Networking: The New Outside The Box Paradigm Breaking Buzzword. Over A Shark.

Well, at least community people who tire of the gaming industry will never lack for employment. When COOKIE MAKERS talk about how creating community is part of their brand strategy, you know the drones have taken over the specialty.

I don’t mean to sound cranky. Well, I sort of do, it’s 7:30 AM, I’m a night owl who has been waking up at 6 every morning to feed my poor commuting mate a little breakfast, because left to his own devices he would just snarf a fistful of honey roasted peanuts and a Diet Pepsi standing over the sink and then die on me of malnutrition before I was finished with him, and oh, I’ve been househunting, houseshowing, and vacuuming up beagle fur tumbleweeds for what feels like YEARS and I pretty much hate all of humanity, especially the ones that walk in after I frantically clean and race outside with the dogs even though I was RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A SPREADSHEET and sigh about how it’s lovely, really, but they REALLY wanted a basement. The one that does not exist, as clearly stated in the listing. But that’s not the point.

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Purity Test

Beta version is here.

Part of my job is developing link bait… particularly link bait that can actually be pretty useful. In this case, if you know your guild pulls all nighters when necessary for a raid, and you cuss like drunken dockworkers at a prison reunion picnic? You might want to recruit members that already share your sensibilities. On the other hand, if you wouldn’t dream of belching into your microphone and you play with your four year old beside you, you might prefer a guild that isn’t so much into dropping the f-bomb.

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